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And, we’re back.

Above: A bedroom detail of a recently completed project on Park Avenue. Photo by Gieves Anderson.

Hello, everyone! Well, what a year it has been. I miss everyone’s faces, especially the parts (like people’s mouths and noses) that no one has seen in 11 months.

At BMD, we completed 4 large projects on the heels of COVID – certainly the largest to date for the firm, including a bachelor’s bedroom suite and surrounding area, a 4-bedroom gut renovation on Park Avenue, a Dallas home, and my own apartment renovation. It was a busy year, and it was a race to the finish as the lockdowns imposed restrictions on construction. We were lucky enough to finish work just under the wire, and as the city came up for air in July and August, we were able to install and complete all of our jobs by the fall.

Stay tuned for future blogs revealing all of the photos of each of these projects.

Above: A bachelor’s newly renovated bathroom with lacquered rosewood panels and flush polished nickel drawer pulls. Photo by Gieves Anderson.

Besides our big project news, it has been a year of personal change. My husband and I decided to take our family for a “sabbatical” year in Pennsylvania to avoid the confines of the city, and now, after living with the fresh air for almost a year, we have decided to stay indefinitely. The decision comes with mixed emotions: I love the city and always thought of myself as a lifer. The apartment we just finished renovating was going to be our “forever” home. I couldn’t ever have guessed that we would be living on a farm if you had asked me a a year ago, but here we are.

I will still be in the city regularly, for jobs and other business, but in the meantime, I’ve included a couple of candid photos of PA life.

Above: a farm in the Pennsylvania countryside
Above: at a local farm. Photo: BMD
Above: a vignette in a completed job, including a vintage cabinet with lacquered doors, textured wallpaper and a custom wool and silk rug. Photo by Gieves Anderson.

Stay tuned for future posts on our projects, thoughts on city vs. country, and other musings on design and lifestyle. Also, I would love to hear what you are up to. If you like, send me a note to let me know what is new in your life.

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Photo by Classic Kids.

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