That’s a Wrap: introducing our latest Park Avenue project

Well, here at last.

Many of you will know this particular client personally (let’s just say it’s close to home). And if any of you know my artist-turned-finance-guy husband, you know him to be opinionated in matters of art and design. As a practical matter, this was a real team effort… (go team).


Bachelor Reset

This project’s genesis was unequivocal: put politely, this newly-minted bachelor wanted a refresh to mark recent changes in his life. Inviting, sleek, and masculine-inspired: we got to work.

It is old news at this point that products and goods have been delayed to the point of international mayhem. This project, which was supposed to be installed that fateful week that COVID locked down NYC with a vengeance, became a footnote in a story that was much larger than that, of course.

COVID-Fixing… (and BMD in the news!)

Raise your hand if you have recently made real changes to your home to accommodate the new life we are all living. (??? OK I see a a small handful…)

OK, now raise your hand if you’re thinking about it, but on top of your current duties as family chef, school teacher, housekeeper, bus driver, child tech support, amazon order-er, mental health specialist (oh, did I mention your job?) and other duties, making your space actually LIVABLE has fallen down the list….

Brooke Moorhead Design We're Back Blog Post Featured Image

And, we’re back.

Hello, everyone! Well, what a year it has been. I miss everyone’s faces, especially the parts (like people’s mouths and noses) that no one has seen in 11 months. At BMD, we completed 4 large projects on the heels of COVID – certainly the largest to date for the firm, including a bachelor’s bedroom suite and surrounding area, a 4-bedroom gut renovation on Park Avenue, a Dallas home, and my own apartment renovation. It was a busy year, and it was a race to the finish as the lockdowns imposed restrictions on construction. We were lucky enough to finish work just under the wire, and as the city came up for air in July and August, we were able to install and complete all of our jobs by the fall.

New Year, New Look: introducing our latest project

Hello, 2020… and… we are FINALLY unveiling ALL the photos from our NYC Upper East Side project, completed last year.
You may have seen snippets of this home from the October 2019 “Rising Star” article published in New York Cottages & Gardens or on Instagram, but now, here it is in full form! If you have not already seen the article, you can read it here:

Brooke named a 2019 “Rising Star” by NYC&G Magazine

I am so incredibly excited to share the news with you that I was named a “Rising Star” of interior design by New York Cottages & Gardens magazine. On newsstands now in the October issue!
The article details my background and the path towards becoming an interior designer, features a few recent projects, and previews a couple of projects in the works. I am so honored to be a part of this illustrious crew. Thank you so much to Caitlin St. John for a beautifully written article and to NYC&G for the recognition.

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The Hamptons Edit

Drum roll please. BMD’s long-awaited Sag Harbor project is finally complete and photographed, and as the summer begins to wane, I am so excited to share it with you.

This home had all the makings of a low budget spec house, but all the passion of a Texas-born hostess and her desire for a polished look. So we set out to transform the challenging existing conditions into something elevated while still having the makings of a casual, family-friendly home.

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The Practice of Choice

I find myself bombarded by choices these days. The customization of life today is an amazing thing, and yet, it is filled with so many options that it can be exhausting to define one’s life in such crystallized detail. Be it which kind of coffee I want, the best cell phone or running shoe, or how I am going to …

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Getting to the Finish Line

There’s nothing more difficult than getting to the finish line of a project. Whether you’re trying to figure out the last piece of furniture you’ve been stuck on, decide on art, place some accessories, or fine tune your organization, you may find you feel burnt out. The secret no one tells you at the beginning of a construction project is …

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New Life, New Beauty, and Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s been a while… and a baby… since I last wrote. As the season grows crisp and we nestle in for the holidays, our homes and our surroundings grow ever more important to us. A quick update on BMD and what has transpired in the past few months. I welcomed my second son, Chase, on May 5th. Life with a newborn and a pre-schooler is busy, but days at BMD have been even busier. Since Chase was born, I wrapped up a renovation job in the Hamptons, began work on 3 new construction projects in Manhattan, helped a company imagine their new office space, and have been putting the finishing touches on a couple of other longtime projects.