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Paint and Color – February Refresh

2016 promises exciting things, but February can be cold and bleak. Color can make a huge impact, and paint or color tweaks to furniture or other design elements make a big difference without a huge expense or major commitment.

Example 1: Both above and below apartments benefited from an update to old chairs not in keeping with the client’s taste (we all have that set of grandmother’s chairs, do we not?). In the below project, we lacquered the chairs and reupholstered them in purple leather. The color complemented the client’s whimsical taste while defining the room in a sophisticated way. The chairs are not all exactly the same, but adding the same paint and fabric to all of them tied them together as a group.

Example 2: The powder room shown below was bright red when the clients moved in, but we thought a change was in order. We chose a super shiny deep blue lacquer for all the walls, including the ceiling. The bathroom was instantly transformed, of course.

Example 3: We updated the basement shown below in many ways (see December’s “West Village Light” post for more detail). To the point about color, however, the dark blue wainscot and light blue wallpaper went a long way. The change added dimension and depth to an otherwise large and undefined room.

A fresh coat of paint on a wall or a piece of furniture can go a long way. I hope your new year is off to a good start and that the year is filled with inspiration and beauty.

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