A Family Affair on Park Avenue

This 4-bedroom pre-war coop gut renovation brought an aging space to new heights. The 4-bedroom, 3.5 bath home was completely reconfigured for a modern family lifestyle. In addition to opening up the kitchen and installing grand sliding doors, the ceilings were outfitted with contemporary style “plates” affixed to each beam and painted a lacquer finish to provide up-lighting and a contemporary edge.

While this is Brooke Moorhead’s personal apartment, the design was not without input from her family. With considerable input from her mother and grandmother’s legacies, their style and taste influenced all her decision making (but left most of the tired antiques in the basement storage). Her husband, a painter turned financier, has many of his own paintings on the walls, and, being a painter, he contributed greatly to the selection of the other works of art chosen for the space.
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