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The Jewel Box Bath

A beautiful bathroom is one of the most sought-after spaces in a home. No wonder, then, that so many of my clients’ first wish is to renovate their bathrooms. Case in point: the bathroom featured here that I designed for a client on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

(c) Brooke Moorhead Design
photography by Jon Heil

For this particular project, the clients knew that this would be their sanctuary for as long as they would be living there, so we went with a timeless, classic look with serene colors, adding just a bit of delicate detail to draw interest.

The floor to ceiling glistening white honed marble creates a breathtaking effect while the mosaic stone border in both the shower and main area of the bathroom, the diagonally placed white floor marble, and light blue stone chair rail provide a touch of detail.

The bathroom has both a vanity and a dressing table; I loved designing the insides of the drawers entirely custom for the jewelry and makeup collections, as well as designing the vanity and medicine cabinets to have adequate storage while still keeping the clean and delicate look.

There is nothing more satisfying than a space tailored to one’s own personal specifications. And if you can put on your jewels in a jewel box bathroom? Even better.

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