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West Village Light

(c) Brooke Moorhead Design
photography by Jon Heil

This summer, I worked with clients to “refresh” their West Village family home. The aim was to make it feel fresher and more functional. The update included a one-month all-hands-on-deck construction project to integrate better lighting, cabinetry, paint and light fixtures. We replaced the furniture as well.

As I wrote about in a previous post, paint makes a big difference. A slightly cooler shade throughout changed the feel of the rooms drastically. Equally important to any project is good lighting. In the living room, we installed a chandelier which adds a dimension of sparkle and interest to the room and also gives the large space above the furniture a focal point.

Art lights were added for an overall ambient light and for the possibility of adding art later. The extra light at night gives the space a happy and functional appeal.

Lighting and paint proved just as important downstairs. Without any natural light, the room has to rely on architectural elements for dimension and life. Even though the ceilings were relatively low, dropping the ceilings to the beam level to install flush lighting was a huge win. The lights that had previously hung down were discarded and we illuminated the walls with recessed fixtures in the ceiling.

We decided on a bold color for the wainscot and installed a contrasting lighter wallpaper above.  The two tones in the room give the room a sense of definition, and the color distracts from the fact that there are no windows.

In the breakfast room we updated the chandelier and installed light colored but durable chairs. Without even changing the large dining table, the room feels airier.

My personal favorite: the stairway to the playroom showcasing Playbills, all from shows the owners have attended. The Playbills had been in boxes for years but they asked me if I thought it would look OK to hang them somewhere. I loved the idea. It is a personal touch that we were able to make into its own art, and it provides graphic interest on the wall of a narrow stairwell. As is often the case, good design is a collaboration.

(c) Brooke Moorhead Design
photography by Jon Heil

I hope your winter months are filled with light.

In good design,

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