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Street Style

Packing for the Kentucky Derby earlier this month.

Interior Sophisticate, the Fashion Issue. OK, yes, I am aware of the very real possibility of embarrassing myself greatly with the above picture/ confession of what really happens when packing for a trip/ choosing outfits. Am I really going to attempt to give fashion advice?

A closet I designed on 5th Avenue.

Well, no. But sort of. I think of interior design as similar to fashion, in the way we think about putting together a room, an apartment, or a house. Putting together a good room is like putting together a good outfit…. except the outfit you put on needs to last you a while. What kind of outfit would you wear if you needed it to last for 5-10 years? And what kind of outfit would you choose if you needed it to work in different seasons?

Investment Pieces

A Tribeca living room, complete with some elegant investment pieces.

Your investment pieces: your great-quality basics meant to last and look their best over time. I think of your “investment pieces” as your perfect pair of pants and jacket. Staples that lose their shape after a few wears are worthless. Similarly, a gorgeous home that looks run down is decidedly no longer gorgeous.

In interior design, good upholstered items are usually the investment pieces. A good quality sofa is an absolute MUST if you want it to have any lasting capacity. Similarly, a good quality coffee table gets a ton of use, is seen the most of anything in the room, and will need to wear well. I prefer to invest the most in these areas, and if possible, make them the most versatile in color and style.

Statement Pieces

An amazing scarf with strong colors can “make” an outfit, but you may not want to wear it all the time. Similarly, in your home, you can add accessories and colors that can be changed easily should you tire of them. A real statement can also be made in smaller rooms, like a powder room, or lesser-used rooms. Of course, if you are designing a second or third home, these spaces can often be a play space for more whimsy or creative ideas. You may not want to live with x (fill in the blank with the crazy piece you think you would get tired of) in your main home, but just on weekends or holidays? Could be a fun escape.


If doing construction, I believe that quality work is paramount. Do you want to put on an expensive dress (good furniture) and not shave your legs (a good paint job)? An uncomfortable metaphor, perhaps, but true nonetheless! In a similar vein, you probably want to have a good haircut and have been to the gym at least once this [week? month? year?] to feel good in whatever you put on.

A shower floor I designed which was executed with utmost skill.

Here’s to making your “design outfit” fabulous.

In good design,

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