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The Practice of Choice

I find myself bombarded by choices these days. The customization of life today is an amazing thing, and yet, it is filled with so many options that it can be exhausting to define one’s life in such crystallized detail. Be it which kind of coffee I want, the best cell phone or running shoe, or how I am going to …

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Getting to the Finish Line

There’s nothing more difficult than getting to the finish line of a project. Whether you’re trying to figure out the last piece of furniture you’ve been stuck on, decide on art, place some accessories, or fine tune your organization, you may find you feel burnt out. The secret no one tells you at the beginning of a construction project is …

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New Year, New Art?

Happy New Year! Art can make or break a space. It is intimately linked with the success of the design of an interior, but it is also something so separate, so personal, that it becomes a thing of itself. So where do we start with art? Where do we finish? How do we reconcile the need for art to relate …

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Street Style

Interior Sophisticate, the Fashion Issue. OK, yes, I am aware of the very real possibility of embarrassing myself greatly with the above picture/ confession of what really happens when packing for a trip/ choosing outfits. Am I really going to attempt to give fashion advice? Well, no. But sort of. I think of interior design as similar to fashion, in …

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Curating the Clutter

I feel best in a space when it has a sense of calm: a serene, peaceful feeling. No surprise, then, that this “serene” feeling evaporates when little wonders grace us, like mismatched toddler’s toys on the floor, sports equipment under the bed, or no place to put the mail or the vacuum cleaner. Having an efficient, clutter-free home goes hand …

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Quality Check

Quality informs 100% of my decisions as an interior designer. The level of quality in home furnishings is the single most important aspect that makes a home stand out as something defining and beautiful. But what is “quality”? How can you spot it? What difference does it really make? #1 Top Notch Nuts & Bolts So often with mass-produced furnishings, …

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Choosing appliances for a remodel or a new build can be a difficult and detailed task. Which brands, features, styles, finishes, and configurations to choose are all questions that need to be considered, not to mention compatibility with existing conditions, including size, height, cabinet constraints, electrical and gas requirements, and ventilation needs. I like to think that I have a …

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Paint and Color – February Refresh

2016 promises exciting things, but February can be cold and bleak. Color can make a huge impact, and paint or color tweaks to furniture or other design elements make a big difference without a huge expense or major commitment. Example 1: Both above and below apartments benefited from an update to old chairs not in keeping with the client’s taste …

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Construction is happening everywhere in NYC (and has been for some time now). It seems that I cannot cross the street without seeing a new building going up to my right or to my left. If not purchasing something brand new, many New Yorkers seem to be in the mood to renovate.